Sunday, January 3, 2010

Design A Home And See What Kind Of Person You Are?

Ok, I know that sounds a bit out there, but follow me. Do you lay out the floor plan first then let the front of the house sort itself out? Do you design a house that is awesome and inviting from the street and fit the floor plan in afterward?

In my opinion (the only opinion that matters on my blog), the person that designs the house that's very inviting from the street is going to be more social, willing to be friends with the neighbors and likes to spend time taking care of their biggest investment, which is their home and family. The person who designs the floor plan first in my opinion would be more likely to sit in the house surfing the web all day, not know more than one neighbor and spend very little time outside or working on their home.

Is your house (as viewed from the street) symmetrical or asymmetrical? Well, this could be very bad news for what seems like everyone designing homes today, if my opinion mattered outside this blog, because if your house design is symmetrical, my only logical conclusion is that you are a well balanced, level-headed person with smart kids. I think asymmetrical designs lend themselves to the unbalanced, unpredictable and uncaring types who's kids will rob you.

Now, I'm just poking fun at some of the designers out there today that really seem to be stuck in a rut of making big ugly stucco boxes they call "homes". Many of them have great floor plans, but the outside looks like a poor attempt to dress up a few randomly placed blocks.

Let's all start pushing for designs that look as good on the outside as they look inside. My opinion (again) is that you can have a great looking home inside and out! If you are in the process of designing a house, why would you not spend some time to take into consideration the aesthetics of a home when viewed from the street?


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