Monday, January 4, 2010

A Must Have Tool

...otherwise known as the almost best tool in the world!

Here is a simple tool that I made a few years back when I ran into some roots that made running one of my least favorite tools (a shovel) nearly impossible.

All I did was take an old axe head and a heavy piece of pipe over to my welder, then welded them together to make a heavy hoe of sorts.

This simple tool has worked so well for chopping through roots, helping dig a quick ditch in hard dirt, taking out large bushes in one swing and quieting noisy chihuahuas, that I had to let you in on it. After you use it, I'll bet you will wonder why all of us didn't already have one!

You won't want to use it for more than a few minutes at a time, because the steel pipe handle makes it heavy. But, that's why it works so well! In fact, it is not often that it takes longer than that to finish the job. Now, where's that chihuahua?

(and...for all you nutcases out there, yes, I am only kidding about the chihuahua)


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