Friday, January 1, 2010

Forget Your Propane Powered Megabucks Outdoor Kitchen!

Here is the Best BBQ Ever! If you are like my wife and I, you know there is nothing better than a steak cooked over a wood fire far from anything that makes noise or looks anything like civilization.

One year we came across the best little BBQ for a quick getaway. Ready? It's just a simple grill with folding legs (which we found inexpensively at Wal-Mart). When your fire gets down to a nice bed of coals just drop the grill over it and start cookin'.

In my sketch I also drew in adjustable legs that ours doesn't have, but would be nice.

Toss some butter slathered potatoes wrapped in foil onto the coals, put your corn-on-the-cob done up the same way and add in some dinner rolls, then you'll prefer this over the so-called "best" steakhouse every time!

Tip: Use a battery powered fluorescent light placed 30' to 40' away so any bugs go there...not where you and the food are. Enjoy.


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